Dec 30

02 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt quote - slogan - punchline

Here are some cool T Shirt quotes for you to write on your Mechanical Engineering Class T-Shirt.

        • Gentlemen I will Start your Engines
        • Suck-Squeeze-Suck-Squeeze We do it 4 stroke way
        • I Screw for a Living
        • Ask Me for a Lube job
        • Have you checked your oil lately
        • Let me tighten your bolts !
        • We do it Four Stroke way
        • Let me check your Horn
        • Rear End Collision Specialist
        • Ask me about my Toolbox !
        • Got the Nerve to dare ME?
        • Inspiration is only beginning rest is all about being ME!
        • Nut is as per bolt
        • Highly Mechanized
        • Mechanical Engineering, a shear delight
        • Get in gear with a mechanical engineer
        • I am not a nut but i can screw well
        • I believe in the big bang theory
        • I am not a mechanic but a mechanical engineer
        • Never take ME as granted!

        01 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt funny quote

        01 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt quote


        01 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt quote - punch lines- slogan

        01 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt slogan

        02 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt funny quote

        02 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt quote  03 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt quote 04 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt quote

        01 - Mechanical Engineer - T - shirt quote - Punch lines


        01-mechanical engineer t shirt quotes - old mechanical engineer

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        14 Responses to “Mechanical Engineering T shirt Quotes | Slogans | Punch Lines”

        1. Fazul says:

          Mechanicals are always mighty’s

        2. Kirti patwal says:

          E they r engneeier
          c they r creative
          h hardworker
          A Achiever
          N Naughty…
          I Imaginative
          C control on machine
          A Apply technique
          L Learner

        3. Prince Bleeding Vartan says:

          Yah, keep up good work on Mechanical Engineering :)

        4. Daryl Campillos says:

          Mechanical Engineers: Changing the norms towards global productivity.

        5. Manoj says:

          ■We do it Four Stroke way

          ■Let me check your Horn

        6. Somesh says:

          Your imaginations are our design sources


        7. ganesh says:

          t shirts aren’t so good man……

        8. Chetan says:

          They Like us but don’t Love us

        9. ganesh k says:

          very atractive

        10. Emmaniual says:

          Mechs Are Always kIings….

        11. Mahi says:


        12. ramesh kumar duvvari says:

          machines rule the world,and we rule machines
          proud to be a mech. engineer