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An anaerobic digester is an air tight, oxygen-free container that is fed an organic material, such as Human Waste, animal manure or food scraps. A biological process occurs to this mixture to produce methane gas, commonly known as biogas, along with an odor-reduced effluent. Microbes break down manure into biogas and a nutrient-rich effluent.

01-loowatt cycle-creates energy and fertilizer from human waste

Biogas fuel is a flammable substance that burns in a similar fashion to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and as such, biogas energy can be utilized as an alternative to fossil fuels. Biogas production is often achieved using a biogas plant, which is a system that "digests" organic matter to produce gas.

01-biogas-anaerobic digestion-how it works-production of methane-ch4-fermentation process-digestor technologies

Four Steps of Biogas Production / Fermentation:

Step 1: Hydrolysis                                         Out put: Amino Acids and Fatty Acids

Step 2: Acidity Increase                                Output: Organic Acids and Carbon dioxide

Step 3: Acetic Acid Formation                     Output: Acetic Acid, CO2, Hydrogen

Step 4: Methane Formation                          Output: Methane, Co2, Water

01-loowatt system-space toilets-biogas and fertilizer production in anaerobic digestor

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